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High Concept Ideas for Short Films, Feature Films, and Television Series


Feature Film - Fantasy/Action-Thriller

An imprisoned woman fights monsterous leviathans to obtain her freedom.


Short Film - SciFi

A young couple meet on a date, hit it off, and as we move into their future, climate change takes its toll...not just on the world, but the relationship as well.

In Light

Feature Film - Horror/Thriller

A recently ordained bishop of the Catholic clergy begins his ministries in a southern diocese - but, when he discovers members of his congregation and laity begin to mysteriously disappear, he risks his faith, sanity, and life investigating the darkness at the heart of his new home.


Television Series - Drama

A father, mother, and son are sent to different dimensions where they each play different social roles.


Political SciFi

Information spreads quickly. 5 Detectives catch wind of a high profile case, each must risk it all and race to solve it before the others.

Treehouse Blues

Television Series - Family Drama/Comedy

A group of friends use playtime to explore different conflicts in their lives.

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